Annual Meeting of the Members

Dear Members of Village in the Pines Owners Association:

The Annual Meeting of the Members will be held on Saturday, February 16, 2019, at 10:00 a.m. sign in at 9:30 a.m. at the Village in the Pines Club House, located at 3521 Tree Line Drive in Sarasota, Florida. The main purposes of the annual meeting are to hold an election to fill scheduled vacancies on the Association’s Board of Directors, to inform members of events affecting their community and allow members to make comments.

There must be a quorum of the members (unit owners) in order for the meeting to take place. If you are unable to attend the meeting, it is vital that you complete the enclosed Proxy and return it in the enclosed return envelope. Even if you plan to attend, it is still advisable to complete the Proxy. If there is no quorum, the meeting must be rescheduled, and an additional mailing sent (approximate cost $1,050). The Association therefore urges you to complete the enclosed Proxy form and return it to the office in the enclosed return envelope. You may drop off your Proxy at the Sunstate Management Office 5602 Marquesas Circle Suite #103 Sarasota or mail it to Sunstate Management at P.O. Box 18809, Sarasota, FL 34276. Proxies may also be faxed to 941-870-9652. They must be received in the office no later than 4:00 p.m. on February 15th; a final call for proxies will be made at the meeting.


As a part of the customary business of the Association, an election was to be held to fill scheduled vacancies on the Association’s Board of Directors (BOD); this year there will be four vacancies, all due to term expirations (those of Barbara Alberts, Gloria Baruffi, Tim Starner and Robert Stout). The Directors remaining for one additional year of service are Richard Kinney, Gary Oxender, Mark Price, Claire Smith and Dolores Stanko. Four-unit owners, Barbara Alberts, Richard Paestella, Dennis Rafferty and Tim Starner answered the call and nominated themselves for election. To provide you with more in-depth information about the candidates, their actual application forms have been posted on the this website and can be found below. With four seats being open and four people self-nominating there will be no election and they will be announced at the annual meeting.

In accordance with the Village in the Pines Amended and Restated By Laws and FL Statute 718, nominations of candidates for election will not be taken from the floor during the members meeting.

Additional items for this meeting can be dounf belo including: the agenda for the meeting, a copy of last year’s Annual Meeting minutes, and a Unit Owner Information sheet to be completed and returned to the office.

To view the 2019 Budget, please go to CLICK HERE.

Should you have questions, please feel free to address them to the Sunstate Association Management Office at (941) 870-9855.

Thank you,

Board of Directors

Agenda for Member Meeting February 16, 2019
Draft Minutes of Annual Member Meeting February 17, 2018
Email Correspondence Opt-In Unit Owner Information Form
Barbara Alberts – Notice of Intent
Dennis Rafferty – Notice of Intent and Resume
Richard Paestella – Notice of Intent
Tim Starner – Notice of Intent