Hello to all Village in the Pines residents,

As much as we regret writing this, we must ask for the support of the entire community for the followings actions to protect our neighbbors. The following actions are all effective immediately:

  • First, NO meetings will be held in the clubhouse.
  • Secondly, all scheduled activities In the clubhouse are canceled.
  • Thirdly, any use of clubhouse for private activities will be canceled.
  • Fourth, the use of the entire clubhouse; community pool and restrooms will be completely closed for the safety of our residents.

These are all actions which hopefully will keep our neighbors healthy during this time of concern. The timeline of these actions will be as of this email and continue until further notice.

Finally, please look for ways to be good neighbors for each other during this time … many of our residents hove health issues that could keep them from going out publicly … offer to bring them basic items that they may need, and simply just checking up on them … In times like these, that show of concern can go a long way in comforting each other.

Again, we appreciate your support and understanding in making these decisions. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact any of your board members or Sunstate Management. Feel free to call Ed Olson or Lindsey Olson at Sunstate Management at 941-870-4920.

The Board encourages residents to be vigilant during these times and follow the CDC recommendations.

Thank you,
The VIP Board

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